Gasoline Alley, new exhibit at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta

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Gasoline Alley Museum in Heritage Park - Calgary, Alberta

Here is our photo tour of the Gasoline Alley Museum. It includes a large collection of vintage cars & oil related memorabilia.  Don't miss the bio of local Calgarian Ron Carey (the man behind much of the museum), it is located halfway up the steps to the upper level at the north end of the building.

Gasoline Alley Museum building at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta

This is the outside of the Gasoline Alley Museum building just 1 day after the grand opening in April 2009. 
Some of the old time gas pumps



another view of the antique gas pumps

The Gas pumps above are antiques. Fill er up! 


old truck & mural of a wheatfield


 Nothing says Alberta like an antique truck as above and the mural of a prairie farm 


 Auburn V12 

 Below each vehicle is a plaque with a description Here is what it says:
The elegance, speed and price tag of Auburns made them a popular
choice for car lovers of the 1930s. This V12 was the first 12-cylinder car to sell for under $1,000- a very modest price at the time. The 1931 straight-eight engine was beefed up in 1932 with a new 6.4-litre V12 engine, and both cars benefited from the speed and power offered by a dual-ration rear axle. The Auburn line did not survive the economic hardship of the Depression.


L-29 cord

The Cord L-29 was the first American front-wheel drive to win popular approval. Front-wheel drive allowed the car to be lower to the ground than other vehicles of the time. Coupled with a long hood, this made the Cord one of the most rakish, visually striking cars on the market. The L-29 line was phased out in 1932-customers could no longer afford the $3000 price tag, especially since a Ford Model A was just a tenth of the cost.
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