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Calgary International Airport


The Calgary Airport serves not only Calgary but much of the surrounding area. It is conveniently located just 17 Km from downtown Calgary and there are two main ways of getting to it. From Deerfoot Trail you can either take McKnight Blvd NE to Barlow or stay on the Deerfoot and take the Airport Trail NE

The airport has grown to become one of Canada's busiest airports. Serving as a hub for both Westjet and Air Canada. The terminal features 4 concourses labelled A through D. Arrivals are handled on the ground floor level and departures are from the second level.  Smoking is only permitted across the street on the departure level.

Expect to pay around $30 for a taxi ride from the airport to downtown. The airport also has both long term and short term parking directly across from the terminal. In additon, there are several park and fly facilities (with shuttle buses) surrounding the airport.

Detailed Airport information can be found at their website:

Of notable interest at the airport is over the years it has become its own shopping destination with a great many boutiques and dining facilities.

Delta operates a Hotel directly at the airport for the ultimate in convenience.

Find out more about Delta Hotels at their website



The Airport Authority has also done a wonderful job of promoting Calgary tourism. They have done this via some really great displays built on top of the luggage carousels. Below I am including several pictures of these displays.



Banff & Lake Louise

The picture on the right portrays a skier and a snowboarder on top of a luggage carousel


Find out more about the Banff and Lake Louise area at




The Calgary Zoo


The picture on the right is of a polar bear. This is  promotion for the Calgary Zoo's planned new Artic Shores exhibit.  The original plan called for a world class exhibit that would replicate Ecosystems of the Canadian North.

More information about the Calgary Zoo can be found on their website:

Note: we also regularly feauture many zoo pictures on this site see our zoo pages



The Hippo picture on the left is more Zoo promotion. Note the sign in the background for "oversized baggage"


Find out more about the hippopotamus at Wikipedia





Spruce Meadows

The equestrian exhibit to the right is displaying show jumping. Spruce Meadows is a world class facility.


More information about Spruce Meadows is available on their website.






Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park

Blackfoot Crossing is the historic site of the signing of Treaty No. 7.  It is of National and International historical and archaelogical significance. It has been recommend to be a World Heritage Site.

The Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation has a vision of building a world-class attraction  to showcase the authentic culture of the Blackfoot people.


More information about the Siksika and Blackfoot Crossing can be found at


Royal Tyrell Museum / Dinosaur Provincial Park

The picture on the right is a bit tongue in cheek as it seems to portray a potential scene from Jurassic Park.

 About two hours southeast of Calgary, Alberta, the gently rolling prairie grasslands suddenly drop off, plunging the visitor into a whole other world of hoodoos, pinnacles, coulees and buttes.  Find out more about Dinosaur Provincial park at

The Royal Tyrell Museum isin the heart of the "badlands"  near Drumheller, Alberta.  Spectacular displays both inside and outside the Museum will keep you totally engrossed and fascinated both in Dinosaurs and the work of the palaeontologists.  Find out more about the museum at


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