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Michaels (The arts & crafts store) Calgary Locations

This retailer refers to itself as the nation's largest specialty retailer of arts & crafts materials. Indeed a quick trip through a Michaels shows items such as beads, paints of all kinds, framing materials, paper & wood crafts, yarn and needle and extensive seasonal crafts especially at Christmas.

3160 27th St. NE
T1Y 7L5
Tel: (403) 250-9833
130 Country Village Rd NE
T3K 6B8
Tel: (403) 567-1600
8180 11th St SE
T2H 3B5
Tel: (403) 640-1633
11486 Sarcee Trail NW
T3R 0A1
Tel: (403) 516-3020
5588 Signal Hill Centre SW
T3H 3P8
Tel: (403) 246-3336
130 Shawville Blvd SE
T2Y 3S4
Tel:(403) 256-3528

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