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Geoffrey Martin

Calgary artist Geoffrey Martin captures the unique "personality" of your pet (or pets) in a realistic style that can convey more emotion than a photograph. He specializes in watercolour portraits of dogs, cats and horses. The commissioned paintings make unique special gifts for family and friends (or a present to yourself). They are a lifelong memory of a beloved family member..

dude.jpgGeoffrey Martin was born in Devon, in rural England many years ago. Growing up in a small town in the rolling hills of the “Devonshire Cream” countryside with at least one pet in the household at all times he has always had a love for animals. In his early teens Geoff realized he had a natural talent for drawing and painting, and with the encouragement of his art teacher and his parents decided to pursue a career in art. He studied illustration and typography for three years at the Exeter College of Art, graduating with a degree equivalency in art & design. With a further year of study at the college he gained licentiate admission to the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (LSIAD).

He immigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1971, and decided to stay. Putting his graphics skills to use he began a successful thirty-year career rose.jpgin advertising, graphics and multi-media. Geoff has now combined his love of animals with the joy of painting, and specializes in portraits of pets.


Geoffrey Martin’s work has recently been featured on the cover of two pet magazines