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Starting a Small Business


The Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada are jointly operating a not-for-profit organization called the Business Link. The goal is to provide business people ( and potential business people) with access to accurate, timely and relevant information.

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Boot strap your new business

Have your read all the doom and gloom about how risky it is to start your own business and yet you still want to pursue your dream?


Have you been inspired by the images of the rich and famous and didn't yet know that you could fail?

Either way, it is worth your while to look into various resources out there and consider all the aspects before you take the plunge or maybe you have already gotten going and would like a review of what you should or shouldn't be doing.

We will try to put some good resources on these pages as well as some of our own experiences. What qualifies us, nothing specifically but good knowledge gained over 14 years in self employment.


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