product review of a digital SLR , Canon's Rebel xti

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Digital SLR product review

rebel_xti_w_zoom.jpgCanon EOS Digital Rebel XTi

Recently, on our Road Trip, I acquired the camera you see here on the right. The camera features Canon's Digic II processor which allows you to do the kind of rapid fire sequence of shots that is just not possible on the average digital camera. The camera features a 10.1 Megapixel sensor.

Detailed specs can be found on Canon's website

Ever since my old 35 mm slr film camera died several years ago, I haven't had any passion at all for photography. That has all changed now and the Rebel XTi has re-awoken the photographer in me. This camera feels like a camera should (it has weight), this camera also has all the various controls that keep me aspiring to learn more.Indeed it is a bit overwhelming, all the things you can do with it and takes some getting used to.  I take a lot of sports pictures, especially soccer photos. Using the sports setting on the camera I am able to take really great shots without any blur (except for the occasional mistake on my part of focusing on the wrong spot) and capture all the action.

Soon after I got the camera, I added the Canon 75-300mm zoom lens (the one with the ultrasonic drive).  This greatly extended the range of my ability to capture those soccer pix. After some experimentation, I quickly added a monopod. Because of the increased distance it was quite a bit easier to get blur in the photos without the monopod. Let me quickly mention the ultrasonic drive on the zoom lens. What it does, is to provide a quiet motor, which is especially important if you are going to try and do wildlife shots.

filter_tiffen.jpgIn addition to the already mentioned items, I have added a UV filter for both the stock lens and the zoom lens. Not only protection for the lens but also more natural looking outdoor shots. Here is a little tip, if you add a lens cap holder (you can see them in the photo above), be careful that the elastic fitting around the lens does not sit on the focus ring. It will slow down the motor that does the automatic focusing and you will end up with unexpected out of focus shots.