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Author: Wolfgang Leonhardt Created: 6/9/2007 5:52 PM RssIcon
This is a blog about Calgary, my meanderings on business, technology and life.
By wolf Leonhardt on 9/18/2011 11:13 AM

 Bike theft is rampant and there are some gotchas

By wolf Leonhardt on 2/16/2011 1:33 PM

I have decided to embark on a learning process which is all about personal finance, direct investing and the various elements that contribute to building wealth.

By wolf Leonhardt on 5/24/2010 6:54 AM

It might be a really interesting experiment if Calgary did elect a 19 year old student to Mayor. Jeremy Zhao is running in the current election and is focusing on taxes & voter apathy. Is he aware of all the bigger issues, all the political manoevering, all the budgetary constraints. I don't personally know the answer to that but I can speculate that due to his age he would at the very least have a new and different slant on what is going on in Calgary.

I read through his website and what strikes me the most is contained in his bio. His immigrant roots flavoured by the hard work his family endured while becoming established in Calgary. He makes it clear that he is an average Calgarian and that is his strength, knowing what the average Calgarian wants and needs.

Good luck Jeremy, you may not (yet) have the credentials of Dave B but you certainly have my interest.

By wolf Leonhardt on 5/24/2010 6:53 AM
Are we environmental crazy foolish!
By wolf Leonhardt on 5/24/2010 6:52 AM
We have become aware of some Internet Marketing that is pretty blatant in their allegations. Names have been removed, cause we don't want to upset the privacy czars.
By wolf Leonhardt on 11/2/2009 7:30 AM
It strikes me that many people look to others for opinions on a decision such as this. So what if the alpha's are wrong?
By wolf Leonhardt on 8/31/2009 9:35 AM
I might be the only one who feels this way!
By wolf Leonhardt on 8/14/2009 10:26 AM
The Crasher Squirrel has gone viral.
By wolf Leonhardt on 7/14/2009 8:08 AM
Could not believe what I heard on the radio this morning
By wolf Leonhardt on 3/23/2009 6:10 AM
First the economy then the soccer dome and now the Golf dome!
By wolf Leonhardt on 2/9/2009 12:17 PM
Maybe I haven't posted too much lately but it is because I am keeping a close eye on the economy and on what is going on with Real Estate
By wolf Leonhardt on 12/4/2008 7:37 AM
Read between the lines and the truth will become clear. I have received a number of petitions by email so see the update by clicking on more
By wolf Leonhardt on 11/26/2008 9:19 AM
The Economy- 1 view
By wolf Leonhardt on 11/20/2008 10:43 AM
Some politicians feel secure in their jobs some don't
By wolf Leonhardt on 11/15/2008 1:45 PM
My apologies for the lack of entries this year
By wolf Leonhardt on 2/18/2008 7:44 AM
What is on your "want" list?
By wolf Leonhardt on 2/11/2008 8:05 AM

I just read about the new public toilet in Calgary. Apparently it has a ten minute time limit and once that is hit then the doors open and sirens go off. I don't know about you but sometimes ten minutes can be awfully short!

So if the automated toilet led to you being "exposed" would you be ticketed for indecent exposure?

By wolf Leonhardt on 11/16/2007 7:36 AM
The idea is floating around that perhaps with the loonie versus the greenback we should look at a common currency. Personally I really like the idea. Why? Mostly because I hated the way our standard of living suffered when the dollar was low ( ie 60 cents).

Is there a danger here? Probably, since a unified North American currency would be impacted by the ever so large US national debt. Not being an economist I can really only look at it in everyday terms. Flip over the book and there would be one price not two. There would be some comfort in knowing that the price of lettuce in Texas could be compared to the price of lettuce in Calgary without having to convert the currency. ( sidebar , now if we could just get rid of that silly metric system life would really be grand)

Of course the biggest problem is what would we call the darn thing. We can't use Euro, it's taken. Let's see ( as I begin to muse), North American currency. Could we call it the Nora. Maybe but it doesn't seem to have the same cachet...
By wolf Leonhardt on 11/11/2007 9:08 AM
Alberta government studies the idea of changing the date of Christmas.
By wolf Leonhardt on 10/26/2007 6:01 AM

The "our fair share" idea leaves me with a certain amount of uneasiness.  You could easily surmise that somehow we have been getting screwed by some evil business types, in this case BIG OIL.  Is that really the case here? I don't mean to give you a course in capitolism here but really the job of any business is to make profits. How do we make profits? It is extremely simple. You buy low and sell higher. Big Oil, medium Oil and even small Oil have been doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Negotiate their best possible deal on the supply side.

If we haven't been getting "our fair share" then to me - and I readily admit I am no expert in the O & G industry- the real blame must fall on the original supplier. Gee wonder who that was? Hint, think previous governments.

Clearly to me, this whole thing is a diversionary tactic with a nasty twist. Think election, think put the blame on someone else.

RIP Alberta Advantage




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