Pro Barbeque Team

Calgary Select: Pro Barbeque Team

Pro Barbeque Team

trailer.jpgThe Pro Barbeque team comes from Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan.


The team is Andy & Lori Frank who are professional caterers back home in Saskatchewan.


Truly hospitable (Andy had me trying some of his ribs before I could even start the interview), and a great chef. Really great tasting ribs.




Andy & Lori do not use any liquor in their marinades and seemed to be a bit reluctant to tell us any recipe secrets. So we stayed with it, continuing our conversation until at last Andy let us know his secret is hi-tech.  Naturally this aroused my curiosity as what can be hi-tech about ribs and chicken and brisket? The hi-tech part is to actually inject the marinades into the meat, much like smoked meat is prepared. This greatly increases the volume of juices.


mopping.jpgAndy does all his cooking from a very impressive looking custom built trailer which includes multiple barbecues and other cooking /heating devices.


The picture on the left shows some ribs in a final state of preparation. After "slow cooking" Andy likes to "fire" them a bit to bring out the flavour.