Pork Sweat & Beers BBQ team

Calgary Select: Pork Sweat & Beers BBQ team

Pork Sweat & Beers BBQ Team

cutribs.jpgRob Rakochey is the master chef behind this fabulously named team.  When he is not barbeque minding, he is a partner with Macleod Dixon, a local law firm.


Rob's secret is "low and slow", translated that means a low temperature for a very long time. These guys were up all night and it was begininng to show (just a little). He also mentioned that the base for his marinades come from prepared sauces which he then enhances in just the right way.cookware.jpg 

Rob and his team have attended the US championships and he says the secret there is to alter his recipes to account for local taste preferences. 

According to Rob, Calgarians prefer a more savoury, bold kind of taste.  Typical of products such as Bulls Eye sauce.

Next week Rob will be entertaining at his home and plans to roast an entire pig.  Lucky guests!