Cowboys with Kilts BBQ Team

Calgary Select: Cowboys with Kilts BBQ Team

Cowboys with Kilts BBQ Team

ajgibson.jpgAJ Gibson is the chef behind Cowboys with Kilts. When not in front of the BBQ he is in the FX business (special affects). But yes the ribs were real not a special effect. We tasted a sample and they were truly great and also very unique in their flavour.

What are AJ's recipe secrets? According to AJ, all his spices and marinade are home made. He really didn't want to tell us more than that but with a little talking, it came out that you might find some Jim Bean in his recipes and occasionally some Guiness.

When asked about the kilts, he said it was his scottish heritage and combined with his pro rodeo buckle ( see picture on the right), it just made sense. He also said this particular fashion is taking off in a big way!cookerandkilts.jpg